Libror is an R package implementing Robust Ordinal Regression MCDA methods. It currently (as of version 1.2) implements UTA^GMS and the stochastic extensions, as described at: M. Kadzinski, T. Tervonen: Robust multi-criteria ranking with additive value models and holistic pair-wise preference statements. European Journal of Operational Research 228 (1): 169-180, 2013. DOI: 10.1016/j.ejor.2013.01.022.

Source code repository

The source code can be acquired from github.

Binary packages

Binary packages are available from CRAN.

Screen shorts

Default visualization of the strong necessary relation of the case presented in the Kadzinski & Tervonen paper computed using libror 1.2 and strong preference statements:

Of the pair-wise outranking indices computed using weak preference statements:

Of the rank acceptability indices using weak preference statements: